Capital growth

The importance of location

The importance of location cannot be understated. In order to achieve capital growth, an investor needs to know what role location plays in price growth. There has been a long-standing belief that location is fundamental to increasing house prices. When speaking with numerous property investors or professionals in the real estate industry, most propose location …

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The importance of asset selection

Asset selection within property investing refers to the numerous types of property (construction type) on the market. There are numerous types of properties within the property market including but not limited to houses, apartments, or townhouses. A key consideration to purchasing a quality property is to focus on the demand and location of a property. …

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Timing the market

The idea of “timing the market” is an investment concept where an investor aims to purchase an asset when it has the most potential for future short-term growth. Timing the market may be one of the most influential metrics to consider when purchasing an investment. In doing so, an investor can aim to maximise their …

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