About me

Building wealth through property investing

Hi there,

Have you ever wondered what you could do with your life if you weren’t tied down by money? What would you do if money wasn’t an issue and you could choose to do anything? Growing up, I was told that as an adult you are to find a good-paying job, buy a place to live, and work the next 50 years of your life. I could never wrap my head around why someone would spend the majority of their adult life working 40+ hours a week working in a job they most likely hate to simply retire at 60+ with barely anytime left and not much to show for it. I would never be satisfied with this narrative…

My Story

I am an Australian in their mid 20’s who has developed a love for investing, financial freedom, and especially property!

At the age of 19, I was studying for my bachelor’s degree and had recently been let go from the part-time job I had. I started chewing through my savings before finding myself with a little over $50 to my name. It was at that stage where a burning desire was ignited. I vividly remember looking in the mirror and telling myself “I will never be this poor again”. That day I decided I was going to take hold of my own finances and it was the beginning of my journey to become financially independent…

As I continued my tertiary studies, I had somewhat of a light bulb moment where I realised, I could never save my way to financial freedom. I always was good with numbers, however, it wasn’t too complex to understand that I would never be able to retire on savings alone. I realised that I needed to invest my money in order for it to grow and have my money work for me.

At the age of 20, I dabbled in Crypto-currency without any success. My lack of knowledge and unrealistic expectations led me to lose money from the get-go. This was a massive learning curve for me and the realisation of the “get rich quick” idea which is plastered across the internet is highly unlikely and extremely risky.

With a new mindset and newfound experiences, it didn’t deter me from my investment journey. I realised a foundation to investing is purchasing assets where you actually understand the driving forces behind their growth. I was quite interested in stock market investing, however, it was my partner who pushed me towards real estate and that’s where my journey really begins.

At the age of 21, my partner had been working full-time for a couple of years and I continued to complete my studies at university. I came to the realisation that if I applied the same study methods I used in university to real estate investing, then I was confident I would be able to become knowledgeable enough to make better investment decisions.

With newfound inspiration and passion, I began absorbing everything I could find associated with property investing. I read articles, watched videos, and connected with successful people through forums. The beginning of my investing journey was a steep learning curve, but I found property investing to make a lot of sense to me and I became consumed by it. The ability to leverage my money, add value potential, and have a consistent stream of income is extremely attractive to me. Thus, I set out on my real estate journey in order to work towards building my wealth and achieving financial freedom.

Since then, I have continued to build my property portfolio. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and believe I am in a position to give back to others looking for guidance. My mindset has changed and I’m no longer seeking to exit the workforce as quickly as possible. Instead, my goal is to build wealth long term. It is crazy how much things can change in a few short years and how one’s mindset dictates their success in life.

Why Read My Property Journey?

“My Property Journey” is a blog for all things property where I can aim to inspire and educate others around property investing. By writing articles on topics of interest I will outline the ins and outs of property that I have learned throughout my journey. It will also give me the opportunity to continue to learn and build my own knowledge within the property game.

I also plan to use this blog to track my own progress and keep myself accountable for working towards my own goals. At 19, I had $50 to my name and my goal is to build a $5 million property portfolio. So, from $50 to $5 million, this is my property journey…